Arts club

3 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2

Season 2019/20

Player of the Year

Mary Lindopp

Eve Maeve
Area Master Winner :-
Evgenia Gladysheva
Intermediate Winner :-
Maeve Delaney

Tuesday 2nd July


Deirdre Reid in accepting her second year as President thanked all of
her outgoing committee, sub committees and the many people who helped her during
first year in office
Special thanks to a number of people stepping down from committee
Gerry Kelly steps down having completed his very successful time on committee
David Dunne has completed three years as Honorary Treasurer.
Fergus O’Rafferty and Krzysztof Sekula are standing down having served the club very well during their term
This year we elected for the first time a vice President so congrats to Ronan McMagh on the honour

President Deirdre Reid
Hon Secretary Niamh Harty
Hon Treasurer Angela O’Neill
Vice President Ronan McMaugh

Giles Murnin
John Reilly
Helen Friel
Mick Lynch
Marie Slattery
Marie Morrissey
Mike Gowie

Tuesday 27th Aug

Nolan Memorial Teams
The first major competition of the season the Nolan Memorial Teams
saw a number of changes on our leaderboard proving yet again its only half time after the first session.
Hard luck to our leaders who were unable to keep their run going and finished just out of the prizes
Many thanks to our Tournament Director Bernard Higgins

The Winners :-
Paul Hanratty, Barbara Walsh, Giles Murnin, David Connolly from
Paul Delaney , Maeve Delaney, Colette Allen, Jackie McBride
Ita Fahy, Liam Maher, Fiona O Gorman, Mary Seaver third

Deirdre Reid, Christy Tierney, Denis Gill, Frances Gill fourth

2nd Session :-
Sean Moynihan , Michael McInerney , Mike Gowie, Roisin Troy


Winning Team:-
Giles Murnin , Barbara Walsh, Paul Hanratty David Connolly with Bankers President Deirdre Reid

Nolan192nd Nolan193rd
2nd Place :-
Collette Allen, Maeve Delaney, Jackie McBride,
Paul Delaney

3rd Place :-
Ita Fahy, Liam Maher, Mary Seaver
Fiona O Gorman

Full Result

Tuesday 24th Sept

Mixed Pairs
The final night of the Mixed Pairs competition saw little change in
the overall leaderboard with the top four places changing only slightly .
Very well done to
Terry Walsh & Brid Kemple who coasted to victory.
Special thanks to our tournament director
Bernard Higgins for another excellent job

The Winners :-
Terry Walsh & Brid Kemple from
Tomas Roche & Mary Roche second
Grainne Dunne & Gerry Kelly
Gerry Lawlor & Maura Lawlor fourth

First Session
Paul Delaney & Maeve Delaney
Second Session

Deirdre Reid & Christy Tierney
Area Master
Helen Friel & Denis Gill
2nd Area Master
Niamh Harty & John Reilly


Winning Pair:-
Terry Walsh & Brid Kemple with Bankers President Deirdre Reid

Mixed2nd Mixed3rd
2nd Place :-
Tomas Roche & Mary Roche
3rd Place :-
Gerry Kelly & Grainne Dunne

Mixed4th Mixed session
4th Place :-
Gerry Lawlor & Maura Lawlor
2nd Session
Deirdre Reid & Christy Tierney


Area Masters
Helen Friel John Reilly & Niamh Harty (absent Denis Gill)

Full Result


Tuesday 22nd Oct

Rose Gibson Pairs

The second session of the Rose Gibson pairs had some excellent hands which
made for a lot of change at the top of the leaderboard, proving once again anything
can happen and often does.
Very well done to John Kelly and Liam Maher who are this years winners
Special thanks to our tournament director Bernard Higgins for another excellent job.

The Winners :-
John Kelly & Liam Maher from
Sheila Horkan & Joe Walsh and
Sean O Lubaigh & Michael McAuliffe joint second
Bríd Kemple & Terry Walsh fourth
Ann Marie Heavey & Betty Coady fifth

First Session Conor Moore & Mick Lynch
Second Session Kevin O Dea & Sean Moynihan
Area Master Hilary Moran and Patricia Blaney
Best Intermediate Frank Kennedy and Carmel Murnin

John Liam
Winning Pair:-
John Kelly & Liam Maher

Joe Sheila Brid + Terry
Joint 2nd Place :-
Joe Walsh & Sheila Horkan
4th Place :-
Terry Walsh & Brid Kemple

Hilary Pat Frank Carmel
Area Master :-
Patricia Blaney & Hilary Moran
Carmel Murnin & Frank Kennedy

Sean Kevin
2nd Session
Sean Moynihan & Kevin O Dea

Full Result


Tuesday 26th November

Noreen O Connor Teams 

This week we had the second half of the Noreen O Connor teams.
No shocks here with the five leading teams all finishing as you were
Very well done to : -
Thomas MacCormac, Ronan McMaugh, BJ O’Brien, Siobhán Part who retain their crown.
Many thanks to our excellent Tournament director Bernard Higgins

The Winners :-
Thomas MacCormac, Ronan McMaugh, BJ O’Brien, Siobhán Part from
David Dunne , Sheila Kelly, Michael McAuliffe, Sean O Lubaigh second
Paul Delaney, Tomas Roche, Sean Moynihan, Dave Ryan third
Maurice O Leary Blathnaid Trayer, Hilary Moran, Philina Dowd, fourth
Deirdre Reid, Christy Tierney, Brendan Curran, Marie Slattery fifth

Area Master :-
Marie Morrissey Rita Delaney Frank Kennedy Philip Robinson
Intermediate :-
Ronan Nolan Colette O Callaghan Michael McInerney Keith MacDonald

2nd Session :-
Ita Fahy Ann Fitzgerald Mary Lindopp John Kelly

Winning Team:-
Siobhán Part BJ O’Brien, Deirdre Reid (President)Thomas MacCormac, Ronan McMaugh

Noreen3rd Noreen4th
3rd Place :-
Sean Moynihan, Tomas Roche, Dave Ryan
4th Place :-
Philina Dowd, Hilary Moran, Maurice O Leary Blathnaid Trayer,
Noreenam Noreenint
Winners Area Master :-
Philip Robinson Rita Delaney,
Marie Morrissey, Frank Kennedy, ,
Winners Intermediate :-
Ronan Nolan Colette O Callaghan Michael McInerney Keith MacDonald

Full Result

Tuesday 21st January

Ladies and Mens Pairs 
The final week of the Ladies and Men's pairs.
In the Ladies there was a big change at the top with many of the leading pairs
struggling to keep their run going and were caught by the chasing pack.
Well done to Mary Lindopp who wins this competition again, this time with
Aoife MacHale Not as much in the men's where Kevin and Liam managed to hold on
despite the efforts of the chasing pack
Many thanks again to our Tournament Director Bernard Higgins
The Winners Ladies Pairs :-
Mary Lindopp & Aoife MacHale from
Brid Kemple & Siobhan Part second
Niamh Harty & Erika Nasickyte third

1st Session Kate Daultrey & Maeve Delaney

2nd Session Sheila Horkan & Barbara Walsh

Area Master Caroline Crowley, Fiona O Gorman

Intermediate Carmel Murnin & Deirdre Linnane

Mary Aoife

Mary Lindopp Aoife MacHale

Brid Siobhan Caroline Fiona
2nd Place :-
Siobhan Part Brid Kemple
Best Area Master:-
Caroline Crowley, Fiona O Gorman

Full Result

The Winners Mens Pairs :-

Kevin O Dea & Liam Maher from

David Dunne & Wojciech Gorczyca second

1st Session Thomas MacCormac, Ronan McMaugh

2nd Session Tomas Roche & Sean Moynihan

Area Master John Reilly & Michael McInerney

Kevin Liam
Liam Maher & Kevin O Dea

David Wo Ronan Tomas
2nd Place :-
Wojciech Gorczyca David Dunne
1st Session :-
Ronan McMaugh Thomas MacCormac,

Sean Tomas
2nd Session :-
Sean Moynihan Tomas Roche

Full Result

Tuesday 23rd June

Joe MacHale Memorial
Mixed teams

The virtual Joe MacHale Memorial mixed teams finished with a win for the team who snatched
the last qualifying place the previous week to reach the final.

Very well done to :-
Sonya Hillis , Huey Daly Maeve Delaney , Paul Delaney
Runner up were :-
Giles Murnin David Connolly ,Deirdre Linnane Carmel Murnin
3rd place :-
BJ O Brien Siobhan Part Michael McAuliffe Mamie MacCormac
4th place :-
Martin Brady , Kate Daultrey Ann-Marie Heavey , Sean O'Lubaigh
5th place :-
Ronan McMaugh , Mary Lindopp Peter Stewart , Bernadette Lynch
6th place :-
Evgenia Gladysheva , Joseph Walsh Ruth O'Dea , Frank Kennedy
7th place :-
Breda Synnott , Kevin O'Dea Anne Keating , Dermot O'Brien
8th place :-
Helen Friel , Seamus Bradley Collette Allen , Denis Gill

Consolation swiss final
The consolation swiss final between the remaining fourteen teams was won by
Peter Goodman Aoife MacHale Brid Kemple & Terry Walsh from
Fergus O'Rafferty Erika Nasickyte Niamh Harty & John Reilly second
Conor Moore & Maria Whelan Wojciech Gorczyca & Eileen O'Donovan third
Liam Maher Ita Fahy Ann & Paul Hanratty

A huge thank you to our tournament directors Diarmuid Reddan and Ronan McMaugh for
a superbly efficient tournament


Friday 11th September

Golf outing
The Bankers held their delayed golf outing this year in Edmondstown golf club
It very successful and enjoyable day, great to meet everyone again and I
am happy to report nobody has aged a day.

Overall winner Ronan Nolan from
Giles Murnin second
Fergus O Rafferty third
Winning team Daphne Kaye & Liam Maher from
Ann Hanratty & Paul Hanratty

President Ronan McMaugh with our winner Ronan Nolan

Winning team Daphne Kaye & Liam Maher