Arts club

3 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2

Season 2014/15

Thursday 3rd July

Bankers have a new President

Following the very successful reign of outgoing president Hilary Moran the
Bankers Bridge club has a new president.
Michael McAuliffe has been elected president at our A.G.M
Treasurer             Mareeda Tracey
Secretary             John Cantwell

Mike Gowie
Mary Lindopp
Máiréad Ní Oistín
Gerry Kelly
Jackie McBride
Ex Officio Hilary Moran

                 Michael McAuliffe   
Bankers President Michael McAuliffe

Thursday 18th Sept

Mixed Pairs

The final night of the Mixed Pairs competition was a bad night for our leaders
which saw them drop back into the pack
Very well done to Terry Walsh and Brid Kemple who took the honours.
The competition was very well run as always by John Royds

The Winners :-
Brid Kemple & Terry Walsh from
Barbara Walsh & Maurice O'Leary second
Wojciech Gorczyca & Eileen O'Donovan

First Session
Ann Hanratty & Paul Hanratty
Second Session

Noel Minogue & Mary Lindopp

Area Master
Carol Hawkins & Conor Moore

Terry + Brid
Winning Pair:-
Terry Walsh & Brid Kemple with Bankers President Michael McAuliffe

Maurice + Barbara Noel + Mary
2nd Place :-
Maurice O Leary & Barbara Walsh
2nd Session :-
Noel Minogue
& Mary Lindopp

Thursday 28th Aug

Nolan Memorial Teams
The first major competition of the season the Nolan Memorial Teams
was a very close competition despite the leaders having a huge lead from the first session.
They did manage to hang on but only by 0.15 of an IMP
is that cutting it fine or what
very well done to Mary Stanley Sandra Newell Frances Gill & Denis Gill
Thanks to tournament director Brian Lawlor for a very well run event

The Winners :-
 Mary Stanley Sandra Newell Frances Gill & Denis Gill from
Christy Tierney, Deirdre Reid, Alfie Sexton, Michael Smith
,Michael McAuliffe, Martin Brady John O'Mara, Fionuala O'Hanlon
2nd Session :-
Conor Moore, Mick Lynch, Brendan Curran, Marie Slattery

Winning Team:-
Mary Stanley Sandra Newell Denis Gill & Frances Gill with Bankers President Michael McAuliffe

Nolan14 Nolan14
2nd Place :-
Christy Tierney, Michael Smyth
Deirdre Reid, Alfie Sexton

3rd Place:-
Michael McAuliffe, Martin Brady,
John O Mara, Fionnuala O Hanlon

Thursday 9th Oct

Rose Gibson Pairs

Our third major of the season the Rose Gibson pairs has an excellent entry of thirty five pairs,
Scoring is high with our leaders posting an excellent 70% score.
Good to remember we are only halfway so still all to play for next week

The Leaders :-
John Kelly & Liam Maher
Peter Stewart & Joe Walsh second
Michael McAuliffe & Ronan McMaugh

Steve Bearpark & Brendan Curran fourth

John + Liam
Leading Pair:-
John Kelly & Liam Maher

Thursday 16th Oct

Rose Gibson Pairs

John Kelly and Liam Maher are the winners of the Rose Gibson trophy this year,
Scoring was high with all top four pairs finishing with a plus 60% score, however
our leaders had enough carry over from last week to see them hold on.

The Winners :-
John Kelly & Liam Maher
Peter Stewart & Joe Walsh second
Ronan McMaugh & Michael McAuliffe third
Marcin Rudzinski & Sean O Lubaigh fourth
First Session Brendan Curran & Steve Bearpark
Second Session Alfie Sexton & Breda Synnott
Area Master Pascale Wolfe & Francoise McBrien

John + Liam
Winning Pair:-
Liam Maher
& John Kelly

Joe + Peter Michael Marcin Sean Ronan
2nd Place :-
Joe Walsh Peter Stewart
3rd/4th Place :-
Michael McAuliffe Marcin Rudzinski,
Ronan McMaugh Sean O Lubaigh

Thursday 30th Oct

Monthly teams

The monthly team competition this month had a superb entry of fifteen teams
run smoothly by Maurice O Leary

The Winners :-
Anna Onishuk & Aisling Considine Karel DeRaeymaker & Stephen Barr from
Wojciech Gorczyca & Slawomir Lubanski Michael McAuliffe & Ronan McMaugh second
Mary Lindopp & Joe Walsh Hilary Moran & Michael Gowie third

Bankers Teams
Winning Team:-
Anna Onishuk Stephen Barr Karel DeRaeymaker & Aisling Considine

Thursday 20th November

Noreen O Connor Teams

This week we had the first week of the Noreen O Connor teams,
A superb entry of eighteen teams are playing
The field is well spread after the first session, but we are only half way
so still all to play for

The Leaders :-
Michael McAuliffe, Ronan McMaugh,
Wojciech Gorczyca & Slawomir Lubanski from
Bríd  Kemple, Terry Walsh, Aoife MacHale, Peter Goodman second
Ann Hanratty, Paul Hanratty, Gerry Kelly, Rory Egan third

Ronan Michael
Leading Team:-
Slawomir Lubanski
Wojciech Gorczyca Ronan McMaugh Michael McAuliffe

Thursday 27th November

Noreen O Connor Teams

This week we had the final of the Noreen O Connor teams, and what a close finish
with the final destination of the trophy only decided in the last round when
our leading lead finally slipped and where pipped on the line by the narrowest of margins
As usual smooth running by Tournament director Brian Lawlor led to a very enjoyable event.

The Winners :-
Mary Lindopp, John Kelly, Joe Walsh, Patricia Kelly from
Michael McAuliffe, Ronan McMaugh, Wojciech Gorczyca & Slawomir Lubanski second
Bríd  Kemple, Terry Walsh, Aoife MacHale, Peter Goodman third

Second Session
Steve Bearpark, Colm O'Driscoll, Seán Moynihan, Richard Hartheimer
Area Master
Conor Moore,Mick Lynch,Carol Hawkins,Barbara Walsh

Intermediate Prize
Sheila Williams, Paul Williams, Paul Kane, Gráinne Courtney

John Mary Patricia Joe
Winning Team:-
John Kelly Mary Lindopp Michael McAuliffe(President) Patricia Kelly Joe Walsh

Ronan Terry Brid
2nd Place :-
Slawomir Lubanski Wojciech Gorczyca Ronan McMaugh Michael McAuliffe
3rd Place :-
Brid Kemple Peter Goodman Aoife McHale Terry Walsh

Birthday cake
what a wonderful cake
Thanks to Gerry Malone who recently celebrated a milestone birthday

Thursday 22nd January

Ladies and Mens Pairs

The final week of the Ladies and Men's pairs was a disappointing night for our leaders
as both failed to hold on .
Very well done to Mairead Ni Oistin & Fionnuala O'Hanlon who had a superb second session
and won the event by a clear 5% margin

The Winners Ladies Pairs :-
Mairead Ni Oistin & Fionnuala O'Hanlon from
Brid Kemple & Sheila Kelly second

1st Session
Eileen O'Donovan & Mary Stanley
2nd Session
Mary Lindopp & Ita Fahy

Area Master
Blathnaid Trayer & Michelle Maloney

Mairead + Fionnuala

Mairead Ni Oistin & Fionnuala O'Hanlon

Full Result

The Winners Mens Pairs :-
Ronan McMaugh & Tomas MacCormac from
Noel Minogue & John Kelly second

1st Session Alfie Sexton & Maurice O'Leary
2nd Session Slawomir Lubanski & Wojciech Gorczyca

Area Master
Conor Moore & Mick Lynch
Intermediate Prize Michael McInerney & Paul Kane

Ronan + Thomas

Ronan McMaugh & Tomas MacCormac

Full Result

Thursday 16th April

Joe MacHale Memorial
Mixed teams

The final of the Joe MacHale Memorial mixed teams turned out to be a very interesting affair with both
leading teams caught and overtaken.
A late surge by the holders guided no doubt by the late Helen Carroll saw them snatch victory
in the very last match

The Winners :-
Ann Hanratty, Paul Hanratty Ann Fitzgerald Liam Maher & Ita Fahy from
Christy Tierney & Deirdre Reid David Dunne & Sheila Kelly second
Michael McAuliffe & Sandra Newell, Aoife MacHale & Peter Goodman third

Second Session
Steve Bearpark & Cathy Bearpark Brigid Shearman & Tony O'Gallagher
Area Master
Aidan Hodgers & Mairead Ni Oistin. John O Mara & Fionnuala O Hanlon

MacHale Winners
Winning Team:-
Ann Fitzgerald Liam Maher, Paul Hanratty
Bankers President Michael McAuliffe
Ann Hanratty(missing Ita Fahy)

Christy Deirdre Dave Sheila Steve Cathy Bridgid Tony
2nd Place :-
David Dunne, Sheila Kelly
Christy Tierney, Deirdre Reid

2nd Session :-
Steve Bearpark, Cathy Bearpark
Bridget Shearman, Tony O Gallagher

Full Results

Thursday 4th June

Presidents Prize

What an exciting end we had to the competition with the final result decided on a split tie
with the top two players scoring 38 out of a possible 40 points from their four counting weeks
surely a record well done to all who took part

Overall winner, Peter Goodman

2nd place, Wojciech Gorczyca

3rd place, Marcin Rudzinski

Rory Egan

Best Area Master, Rory Egan

Intermediate Winner :-
Paul Kane

Bankers Golf Outing Fri 26th June
Beech Park Golf Club

The annual golf outing this year took place at Beech Park G.C.
The weather was excellent which added greatly to our enjoyment
The scores were tied for first place, but winning on the back nine this
years winner is Virginia McGreal who held her nerve around Amen corner
to pip last year's winner Dave Ryan

Individual Winners

Virginiaa McGreal from
Dave Ryan second
Daphne Kaye third

Team Winners

Virginiaa McGreal Liam Maher Betty Murphy Ann Hanratty from
Daphne Kaye Gerry Lawlor Noel Minogue Kieran McGarry second

Golf 15

Overall Winner :-
Virginia McGreal receives her prize from Paul Hanratty

Golft team

Winning Team:-
Betty Murphy Liam Maher Ann Hanratty Virginia McGreal