Getting started with Bridge base Online.


This is an introduction on use of the website in the context of playing online in a pre-arranged tournament.

Registration is straight forward enough. On the BBO landing site, you have a link to Register or Login at the top right;

For first time visitors, click the 'become a member' button.

Below is an example for registration. The person registering is myself. My BBO ID is 'Thabo' and my password is 'Zulu99' (not the real one of course). So the registration form for Michael Gowie, BBO handle 'Thabo' would appear as follows;

Be sure to choose 'Ireland' as your home country. Most BBO TD's restrict entries to the home country. We have found that the world loves joining free tournaments so generally we restrict sessions to Irish registered players. If you do not select Ireland here, you will not be eligible to join Bankers, Regent or Civil Service sessions. I suspect the same is true for other Irish clubs.

Choose a handle you'd like to use to identify yourself on BBO. You will find people have been imaginative here. One person has called himself cantpass. Another tricks52 and someone put up their mobile phone number 0879876543. I chose Thabo for it's African theme ..

Ignore the request for an ACBL number. The form will look like it is required but you are safe to proceed without an entry. You should now be registered with your user id and are ready to log on to your first BBO session.

After registering

Logging in

Log in to BBO using the credentials you have just created during the registration process ..

Joining the session .. select the 'Competitive' option

Join the list of tournaments under 'All tournaments' ..

Search for the host of your tournament. You will have been given the host name by your club. The bankers host to search for is 'CBAI125494 Ronan'.

The TD will have called it 'Bankers Bridge Club Pairs' or similar. (This will be the same for the Regent or the Civil service).

And enter the ID of your partner. If you were playing with me, you would Enter 'Thabo' ..

Wait awhile until hands are dealt ...

.. a dealt hand appears as follows;

You should now be logged on and are encouraged to explore bridge rooms. Little can go wrong if you experiment by clicking buttons for varied functions available.

There are bridge rooms for Casual play, for ACOL players and for serious competitions. BBO have several introductions on these playing rooms so the discussionand will remain out of scope here. This page is set up to get you started. Good luck.

Be careful with this one ..

If the button has the caption ->Lobby, any chat you enter will be seen by the entire BBO website !! (I find this is never necessary).

If you wish to chat to individuals, click on thier BBO ID and make sure the button changes to their name as follows:




Where things are ...

Quick Reference

This page is a little cramped. It is included more for reference than anything else.